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Custom 9" X 12" Yard Signs SKU# CS_CYS_9_12

  • Do you offer custom sizes and shapes?
    Yes, although we offer 8 different yard sign sizes on our website, we can also create custom sizes. For a custom size, simply call our sales team at 1-877-508-4569 and a representative will help place your order. We can print signs as large as 48" x 96".

    We can also create yard signs in custom shapes. Many of our customers design creative shapes to display their messages. For example, a directional sign can be cut in the shape of an arrow or a real estate sign can be made in the shape of a house. Please note that only simple shapes are recommended.
  • How do I know what size to make the font?
    The font size on the final product depends on the font size and yard sign size you choose. To get an idea of how large the text on your sign will be, note that the final text size will be proportional to its size as it appears on your browser. For example, if you are creating a sign that is 24" tall and the text on your browser appears to cover about half of that height, then the text on the actual yard sign will be about 12" tall.
  • What material are the yard signs made out of?
    Almost all yard signs are made of the same material, corrugated plastic. Our signs are made of 4 mm corrugated plastic, which is also the industry standard for yard sign thickness.
  • What colors do you have available?
    Unlike some of our competitors, we can print signs in thousands of different colors. If you are creating a sign using our design studio, you can choose between the 31 preset colors available or click the "more" button to choose a different color. If an exact color match is required, please call our sales line at 1-877-508-4569.
  • Will the final product look exactly like the design preview displayed on my computer screen?
    In general, the final product will look identical or nearly identical to the preview you see in the design studio or the art file you send us. However, due to differing computer screen calibrations, we cannot guarantee an exact match. We also cannot enhance low-resolution images or artwork sent to us, so a low-quality image or artwork will likely result in a blurred final product. Please ensure that any artwork or images sent to us are sufficiently large for the size of yard sign you are choosing. Also, if an exact color match is required, please call our sales line at 1-877-508-4569.
  • If I am designing a double-sided directional sign, how do I make sure that the arrows are pointed in the same direction?
    For a double-sided directional sign, place the arrow in opposite directions. For example, if the arrow is pointing left on the front side of the sign, make sure it is pointing to the right on the back side of the sign. This will ensure that, no matter what side of the sign someone is looking at, the arrow is pointing in the intended direction. Obviously, this does not apply to arrows facing up or down.
  • How durable are the signs?
    Almost all yard signs are made of the same material, corrugated plastic. Our signs are made of 4 mm corrugated plastic, which is also the industry standard for yard sign thickness. Yard signs are typically used for one-time events like a holiday sale or open house, but with proper care and storage, they can be used many times and last up to three years. Avoiding bad weather will increase their longevity.
  • Does my order include wire stands?
    Wire stands can be added on Step 2 of the order page.
  • Do the signs come with holes so I can hang them or attach them? If not, will you drill holes for me?
    Unfortunately, we cannot drill holes in your yard sign for you.
  • Do you have a product guarantee?
    Our warranty guarantees a full refund, replacement, or store credit for any yard sign(s) that are defective upon arrival or that break within 90 days of receipt.
  • What kind of image should I use for a photograph?
    If you would like to use a photographic image, you should upload the highest quality image available under 10 MB in size.
  • What kind of image should I use for a logo or clipart?
    If you would like a logo or other professionally designed artwork printed on your signs, please provide a vector-based EPS file. If vector art is not available, please provide the highest quality image available under 10 MB.
  • Where can I get a high quality image for my sign?
    If you are designing a sign for your company, always check with your internal graphic design department to see if they have already created images and/or artwork for use. If you need vector art or a high quality photo, there are many resources available. Our design studio contains thousands of high-quality clip art. You can also browse stock art and photo web sites, many of which are free. Additionally, you can use search engines to look for images and artwork, but remember to only choose high-quality images.
  • Do you offer imaging or graphic design services?
    For any graphics services, please call our sales line.
  • What if my image was created using design software, such as for a logo?
    The best option, especially for large signs, is a vector-based EPS file. Other file formats could work as well, but to ensure a crisp final product, a high-resolution image is required.
  • What if I'm attempting to find images on the internet?
    There are many stock art and image databases online, some of which are free. If you are using Google or another search engine, make sure to filter by image size and try to find a large, high-quality image that is appropriate for your needs.
  • How do you determine pricing for sign orders?
    The price you see is based on the size and quantity of yard signs selected. We do not base prices on the number of colors on your sign, so design away!
  • Do you offer bulk pricing?
    Yes, the more signs you order, the lower the price per sign. Bulk pricing is already factored into the price you see at checkout.

Step 1 Choose Your Yard Signs Size

Step 2 Customize Your Yard Signs

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Step 3 Display Options

Wire Stand
Wire Stand (+$0.85 each)
Metal Frame with Rider
Metal Frame With Rider (+$23.99 each)
Grommets on all 4 corners
Grommets On All 4 Corners (+$1.99 each)
Double Sided Foam Tape
Double Sided Foam Tape (+$2.99 each)
Spider Stake for Yard Signs
Spider Stake (+$1.75 each)

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